Falling Snow – Kids Nursery Poems

Falling Snow

See how they fall
An infinity of heavenly aspirations
Come to convert the world
With its deep and even purity.

Sent to nullify and cleanse
To enhance and beautify
To muffle and calm
With the tranquility

Of a gossamer eiderdown.
To cloak in a mystery
Of endless variations
Of the same tonal theme;

Converting everything
To a glistening coalescence.
Tidying up the farmyard
Smoothing out the fields

Transmogrifying neglected gardens
Into dazzling showpieces,
Cluttered garden sheds
Into sparkling summer-houses,

Making abandoned bean sticks
As elegant as sculptured crystal,
And fondant death-traps
Of old familiar ponds

Enhancing the weary timothy
In the sad neglected churchyard.
Cheering up the stories
On the long forgotten grave stones.

Turning distant spires
Into alabaster space rockets
And drooping telephone lines
Into crystal mooring ropes

For ocean going bungalows.
The purification is complete, unblemished
Save for the prints of wandering spirits
Fading like childhood memories.


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